A Dive Into the Blogging World


This is my first ever post on my very first blog. Don’t be too hard on me. So first things first, let me introduce myself:

My name is…. Ha! I’m anonymous, only few know my name. Maybe I’ll do a reveal one day… πŸ˜‰ So here, I will be known as MysticFairy, or whatever you would like to shorten that two. And for the few that do know my name…. shh….

This blog will mostly be snippets of what I write, reviews of books that I have read, or reviews of movies I have seen. I might even post some inner thoughts that I have here.

I love to read almost every genre of books and will try to write some reviews, so look out for those. I’m also trying to write my own novels, but can’t find my writing voice, so I am hoping that blogging will help me out.


— love MysticFairy ❀


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Avid Reader. DC and Marvel lover. BTS Stan. Psychology Student. Aspiring Writer. Dog Lover.

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